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With over a decade of experience in visual creative art and interior design, Mel Thompson’s vision is to bring your interior to a place of sophisticated elegance. “Be uniquely You!” is her statement that she believes for herself and for her clients. Mel integrates the client’s lifestyle to the design of their space. She believes that every home should be a reflection and extension of the unique personality of the people who live there. Readmore




From bathrooms to living rooms, Mel can help you remodel them to perfectly suit your lifestyle. Creating the perfect space requires more than just creativity and hence every project begins with an appointment of creative exchange where the project is discussed in detail to strive and achieve the best within your budget and means.



Lighting can make a house into a home and will allow the personality of the owner to shine through. Without good lighting, the impact of all the other well-thought out details – sumptuous furnishings, opulent flooring, luxurious wallcoverings – will be lost. So getting the lighting right is essential if we are to make the most of our homes.



The kitchen is the heart of your home. It should be an inviting place to eat and gather, as well as be functional in a way that suits the way you live, whether you are a gourmet cook or a busy family.Kitchen remodeling changes the look and function of your cooking and living space. We have the knowledge and expertise to make sure these essential details come together beautifully.



An ideal office space would be one where employees are enabled to work more productively and more importantly enjoy spending a long day outside of their home. Essentially, its a home away from home and hence needs to have character to bring out the creative juices and stimulate long hours of productivity.