White Is The New Black

White walls are the “Little Black Dress” (LBD) of interior design. Every woman between the ages of 9 and 89 should own that go-to LBD. It is timeless, classic, sophisticated, and it screams elegance. Unless, of course, it’s all leather, looks more like a shirt than a dress or it’s so tight that you can actually see the outline of what the wearer ate for lunch.

White, like the “ LBD’ is also timeless, classic, sophisticated and screams elegance. Used throughout history as a backdrop from the exquisite to the eclectic, no other color gives you more freedom and versatility. White has been noted by some designers as being “boring” or “cold” but I beg to differ and I believe you will too.

First of all, lets be real. I am a woman…I change my mind. I change my mind a lot. If you love color, please give white a fighting chance. By painting your walls white you now have the freedom to create and design on a dime. Your blank canvas awaits. Why do you think museums and galleries use this fantastic color on their walls? Nothing lets you showcase those special “wow” items you love like white. By switching out a rug, a few throw pillows, a few choice accessories and some bold art on the wall you can transform the mood and character of a room in less than an hour. For a minimum price you can have a maximum impact. Boring? Not in your home!

Cold? Not on your life! Although, no other color looks cleaner in a kitchen or bath than a crisp white, there are over 1,000 shades of white out there. Don’t let that number overwhelm you. It is really hard to mess up “white”. Just remember, all 1,000 shades are still considered a “neutral”. By adding a few drops in your gallon of a cool color like blue, green or gray, you can accomplish a zen calming effect especially in a room where sunlight can be harsh. Adversely, if you need to warm up a gloomy space, create your own sunshine by adding a few drops of yellow or red into the gallon.

So, go throw on your little black dress, pour our yourself a glass of white wine and decorate your space. Then redecorate it again after your second glass because you changed your mind – because you can. After all, your walls are one of a thousand shades of that perfect classic white!